African Grey Parrot Feather

African Grey Parrot Feather

This original painting features a single brilliant red feather from a Congo African Grey Parrot.  Aforementioned parrot just happens to be my sweet little Yoda, a 12 year old parrot with a monstrous vocabulary that doesn’t lack a random bit of something one would hear from a sailor!

Pair of Candy Canes

Pair of Candy Canes


This original painting features a pair of peppermint candy canes on a light grey surface with some nice exaggerated side-lighting.  I couldn’t resist taking a quick snapshot whilst the painting was still on the easel  with my similarly colored red and white Winsor and Newton University Brushes ‘dressed to match’ so to speak 🙂

Cardinal and Strawberry Cocktail

Cardinal and Strawberry Cocktail

Yet another piece in the ‘Birds on Drinkware’ series, this original oil painting features the beautifully bold red Cardinal perched on a glass containing Strawberry Cocktail… I sure am having a blast coming up with these whimsical little paintings!