Swirl Lollipop


The swirly lollipop has been on my list of subjects that I would like to paint for quite some time.  Having never been able to find this evidently rare candy (in my local home town anyway), I decided to finally order a pair online; and I am super happy that I did!  I must confess that this was one of the most difficult subjects I have painted due to the variety of colors and their values from the dramatic lighting…  However, having said that, this definitely won’t be my last time featuring this fun and colorful candy!

This original oil painting features a colorful swirl lollipop resting diagonally on a light, reflective surface with dramatic light and shadows. The painting is signed and dated on the back.

Pair of Candy Canes

Pair of Candy Canes


This original painting features a pair of peppermint candy canes on a light grey surface with some nice exaggerated side-lighting.  I couldn’t resist taking a quick snapshot whilst the painting was still on the easel  with my similarly colored red and white Winsor and Newton University Brushes ‘dressed to match’ so to speak 🙂