White Fronted Bee Eater & Cups

This painting features a White Fronted Bee Eater perched on top of a stack of colorful coffee cups.

12″ x 12″ Oil on 7/8″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Check the availability of this original oil painting in my Shop

5 thoughts on “White Fronted Bee Eater & Cups

  1. Hi Lauren,Just wondering if you got my email from your web page regarding a commission of this painting on 11×14?

    Arlene RobertsonGuelph,  Ontario,  Canada    519-827-8058


    1. Hi Arlene – Sorry but I didn’t receive an e-mail! Unfortunately at the moment I am unable to take on any commission work, but I do appreciate you reaching out!


      1. Thanks for the reply, Lauren. If and when you find time for a commission, please keep me in mind.


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