Milk & Cookies

This painting features a stack of fresh chocolate chip cookies next to a glass bottle of milk with a turquoise striped straw.

11″ x 14″ Oil Paint on 7/8″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Check the availability of this original oil painting in my Shop

4 thoughts on “Milk & Cookies

  1. Hi Lauren. I have recently signed up to your newsletter but every time I click through to your shop the latest painting is already sold. Are the originals just painted and not yet dry or were they done months ago and are now varnished but maybe a gallery has reserved them all? I do love your style! Thanks. Susan

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    1. Good Morning Susan! The paintings usually do quite fast these days! The paintings that I post are completed the week prior and most of the time sell within a minute or two after sending out the e-mail to my followers. Unfortunately I have quite a few people that are in the same boat as you and I’ve tried to come up with a solution to giving more people a chance and snagging one but am falling short of ideas. The best thing I can tell you is hint that I normally post my paintings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening just before 7pm central time. I hope this helps!

      Happy Holidays,


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