Honey, Bee, Lemon & Tea Auction

This painting features a honey bee observing a backlit honey bear bottle drizzling golden honey down upon a lemon slice that rests on the lip of a glass cup of tea. This piece is the largest painting I have create to date in the honey bear series.

This piece will be available at auction in my shop starting tonight from 7pm cst and ending Saturday, 7pm cst.

14″ x 20″ Oil Paint on 7/8″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Watch the process video below ↓

Check the availability of this original oil painting in my Shop


🍯Available at auction🐝 Prints also available! Did you spot the traveling honey bear in the background? 😊 #art #artist #paintingchallenge #honey

♬ Sugar Shack (feat. Jimmy Gilmer) – The Fireballs

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